Sunday, December 26, 2010

American design energy-saving jet engines which can save 70% fuel

According to foreign media reports, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced the launch of a new aircraft design concepts, the new aircraft can be compared 70% of the ordinary jet fuel savings. Simply put, this new aircraft is optimized for general aircraft, not only more modern but also more environmentally friendly, energy-saving jet engine.
Researchers with this new jet engines in the 50's and 60's original design of the aircraft using the comparison and found that although the new design than the original design of aircraft flight speed of the aircraft a little bit slower, but can save more fuel. According to the MIT research team's chief designer Mark ? Zhuo Aile (Mark Drela) said that this new design has a more modern jet aircraft the size, but also more energy efficient, but also less noise.
It is learned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology four NASA research team has turned their design philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology This new design has now been studied as part of NASA, the most worthy study is that this new aircraft at an effective energy conservation can be. NASA is most interested in this aircraft to reduce air and noise pollution, according to MIT research group said that despite this new design of aircraft flight speed is slightly slower than ordinary aircraft, but their short flight time is to be less than the ordinary passenger, this is due to this new aircraft with innovative body design, so that they reduce the waiting time in the doorway.

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