Sunday, December 26, 2010

The US used viruses isolated hydrogen from water

According to the American physicist organizational network April 12 (Beijing time) reported that MIT researchers use virus to separate hydrogen from water, the water into hydrogen fuel in the long process has taken a key step in . Research published in the latest issue of "Nature Nanotechnology" magazine.
MIT materials chemist Angela Bell, a team led by thorough simulation of the water separation plants use sunlight and manufacture of chemical fuels to promote their own growth process, carried out on a genetically modified virus, while as a biological scaffold, the Some nano-components together to build the ultimate separation of the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
In the past, researchers used electricity generated by solar panels to separate the water molecules, but the MIT researchers made direct use of sunlight to get hydrogen. Belcher said that while their ultimate goal is to get hydrogen from water, but the separation of oxygen from the water, the technical challenges greater, so the research team first began to overcome the difficulties.
Belcher's team will be non-toxic M13 genetically modified bacteria and viruses, making it a catalyst molecule adsorbed iridium oxide absorption material and a zinc porphyrin, and tied together with them, continuously absorbing materials along the virus to pass the sun, so The virus became similar to the wires of the device, the oxygen can be efficiently separated from the water molecules.

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