Sunday, December 26, 2010

British has created the energy-efficient "light-emitting wallpaper"

The Carbon Trust has announced that it will invest several hundred thousand pounds a company-funded R & D "light-emitting wallpaper", which is expected to result in the lighting and energy efficiency will be better than existing bulbs.
Carbon Trust announced the investment of 454,000 pounds (U.S. $ 730,000) to fund the Lomox Wales in the UK R & D-based organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology, new products. The light-emitting materials can be made into the film covering the walls, full of soft light to issue similar to natural light, to avoid shadows and glare caused by light bulbs and other issues. According to reports, this material energy efficiency standards for energy-saving lamps is also now 2.5 times higher.
The new product uses a very thin coating of organic materials and glass substrates, when there is a current, these organic materials will be light. Display using this technology with more light and more energy-efficient features, has been used in mobile phones and other electronic products. However, the existing products in the large area display, reduce costs and extend the life of other aspects to be improved. Carbon Trust and Lomox company of people expressed the belief that technological advances by 2012 will be "light-emitting wallpaper" to the market.
Carbon Trust was founded by the British Government, its purpose is to promote the commercialization of advanced low-carbon technologies to help address global warming. It has invested tens of millions of pounds more than a hundred related projects funded.

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