Sunday, December 26, 2010

American has created the brain thinking translator

According to U.S. media reports, recently, U.S. scientists have invented a brain signals in real-time translation technologies, into the brain of the device to wirelessly transmit brain signals from outside, the external speech synthesizer in real time the brain signals and to receive translated into words. Currently, the technology-based "brain machine interface" has been closed in SARS patients achieved a successful experiment.
According to scientists, the use of this technology, "thinking change language" of the process requires only 50 milliseconds, the amount of time just normal people with the nerve to express their thoughts in words when the same reaction time. The first successful results of this study show that in the human brain into wireless devices, by awareness of the outside of the brain in real-time control of audio devices. For those who because of nerve damage and loss of control of the people, the results will be their gospel.
The study was conducted by scientists at Boston University Frank - Guenteer led the implementation, Boston University, Department of perception and the nervous system, health and rehabilitation Sciences, Harvard - MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology scientists to participate in this study. The study will be published in the United States, "PLoS" magazine.
Guenteer said, "Our research shows that 'brain machine interface', the language the user can directly control the output, than the use of relatively slow process of typing is much better."

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