Sunday, December 26, 2010

Japan abstracts "green crude" from algae

A large number of microscopic algae in lakes is the potential threat of water pollution, and the Japanese expert has launched its waste to treasure, can be developed efficient, low-cost algae extract from these "green crude" of the new technology.
According to Kyodo News recently reported, although too much algae can cause eutrophication of lakes, threatening water quality, thus damaging the ecological system, but these algae absorb carbon dioxide and has a strong ability of synthetic organic compounds, may be used as bio-fuel raw materials. However, the evaporation of large amounts of water contained in phytoplankton need to consume large amounts of energy, so use algae to produce biofuels is still a lack of feasibility.
Central Research Institute of Electric Power in Japan by researchers add to the algae can be closely integrated with the fats liquefied dimethyl ether, successfully extracted the oil for burning. The researchers explained that when the DME and the algae cells combined oil component, as long as the dimethyl ether at room temperature, evaporation, will be able to extract the oil components.
According to reports, using the above method of oil components extracted from dried algae equivalent weight of about 40%, after the heat of combustion of gasoline equivalent is expected to be a valuable "green crude."

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