Sunday, December 26, 2010

New air condition DEVap can save 90% energy

According to foreign media reports, holding the ice pack in the summer heat of the night, see the new air-conditioning technology is really a bittersweet thing. Currently, the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory is developing an "enhanced evaporative desiccant air conditioning" (DEVap), this new air-conditioning is not only the air-conditioning power consumption lower than the current market, 50-90%, and this new air conditioner run without the use of harmful refrigerants.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory will call this a new air conditioning prototype DEVap, its main operating principle of using the number of new air conditioning technology, such as: evaporative cooling technology, liquid drying technology, thin film technology. DEVap evaporative cooling system used in the principle and the principle is similar to human sweat, and the system draws on the company Denver Coolerado efficient air conditioning system Zuber advantages. In view of the application of evaporative cooling technology is mainly increased by lowering the temperature and humidity both cool experience for the users, so in extremely wet areas, evaporative cooling technology using only the cooling effect of air-conditioning is not significant.
To meet the relatively high air humidity the cooling needs of regional users, DEVap absorption of water is also used in desiccant technology and thin film technology. In DEVap high concentration of salt in aqueous solution with a can absorb moisture from the air and through thin hydrophobic membrane allows water from the salt solution and the air stream blowing DEVap. In other words, the areas of air humidity, the user can set by DEVap functional, making it relatively dry winds blow. Introduced the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, said, DEVap completed high concentration of salt solution from the absorption of water, to blow the whole process of air drying takes less than 1 second.

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