Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jose scientists simulation built plastic garbage island in Pacific

According to foreign media reports, Dutch scientists are now planning to the people thrown into the Pacific earlier and weighs 44 million tons of floating plastic waste collected and built an artificial island.
It is reported that the "turning waste into treasure" projects completed and the Hawaii Island area will be considerable, the scientists will maintain the solar and wave energy as 50 million residents of the island and the island's energy necessary for survival. A spokesman for the project, said: "We made this proposal has three main objectives, namely to the ocean to clean up a lot of plastic waste, construct a new land, and the establishment of a sustainable living environment.."
Capacity of the Pacific is the world's largest area of plastic waste, plastic waste in the ocean currents, "a giant garbage" in the form of retention in the ocean, marine life and this will produce a fatal injury. Seabirds such as albatrosses will giant floating plastic waste in the oceans as a food and fish, they sometimes eat small part of the plastic waste, which are toxic and harmful plastic waste, or the survival of their bodies will have a greater injury.
Dutch scientists plan to the North Pacific circulation system in the visible plastic waste collected, into a "a hollow" floating block, and these floating pieces will be island area of 10,000 square km block basis. Scientists also will be a modern city on the island next to construct a "large areas of agricultural protection."

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