Sunday, December 26, 2010

British invented the "plant asphalt"

Bedfordshire United Kingdom successfully carried out several experiments show that waste vegetable oil can be recycled to the laying of roads.
Materials Industry Association (Aggregates Industries) doctoral research manager Helen ? Bailey developed a vegetable oil made from the waste called "asphalt plant" (Vegetex) the substance that can replace the asphalt road paving requirements 20% asphalt.
I have described, according to Bailey, asphalt plant to meet all the requirements of environmental benefits. First, it can replace the annual road construction for the UK's 1.25 million tonnes of asphalt, which is very important because the asphalt from crude oil, and oil can never wear. Secondly, the use of waste vegetable oil can reduce the pressure on landfill environment. In addition, because only low-temperature asphalt processing plants, so lower energy consumption. Meanwhile, the use of this material can reduce dependence on expensive imports, resulting in economic benefits.
UK Transport Research Laboratory (Transport Research Laboratory) Environmental Consultants Brandli ? Kedai Er that if the recycling of road lines and durability have not been adversely affected, and the use of waste oil recycling process is not divorced from the existing (now a cyclic process can have a greater environmental benefits), then the asphalt plant can be regarded as a kind of perfect material.

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